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About Us

SOS Mattress has been in business since 1982, until 2009 we only sold to Wholesalers and Distributors by the truck or container load. They in turn sold the products to the dealers, the dealers then sold to the public.  (We now sell direct to the public)  After more than 30 years in business, we own our warehouses, trucks & Inventory free and clear, this eliminates huge overhead that of course is not stacked onto the mattress prices.

We carry only high quality NAME BRAND mattresses.

If you have shopped for mattresses in chain stores or national furniture stores, you find prices cannot be compared. This is because all of the different mattress retailers order the same mattresses but have different names and covers (fabric).  Several times a year they change names and fabric covers, this generates a lot of inventory in close-outs, overstocks and discontinued mattresses.  We purchase Truckloads of These Mattresses at a fraction of the original cost which we pass the savings onto our customers. This makes it possible for you to purchase a $2,000 – $4,000 mattress for $600 – $1200.  We also sell budget mattresses from $89.00 up.

We deal strictly with high volume at the very lowest price and you can choose the mattress that is comfortable for you and will assure you a good night’s rest. The most expensive mattress is not always the best mattress for you. Since we make a flat rate on most every mattress sold, we do not try to talk you into a more expensive one, just the right one. We have a 4 stage fitting process for you to get a great night’s sleep.

Give us a chance to help make your life better, with a good night’s rest, at a very low price.

We have sold mattresses to people from Tennessee to Florida and everywhere in between. We have never had a customer tell us it was not worth the drive.  Most of our customers could afford to pay the high retail prices at the high rent dealer showrooms, but WHY, when they have a better choice that keeps huge $$$ in their pocket.

We have thousands of mattresses in the warehouse,  if you have found a certain model that you like, just give us a call and we will check our inventory in warehouse and save you $$$.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better,  we look forward to helping you be the best you can be with a good night’s rest.

Sleep Tight!